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    Even if you’ve never heard of Luxfer, you’ve probably used our products. We’re always working to bring you better experiences, whether you know we’re there or not. The most important thing to know about Luxfer is you can trust us to give you more innovation, quality, and safety, in every aspect of your life. Always ask for Luxfer.

    About us
  • Fire fighter facing fire

    Giving you more confidence

    Luxfer self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) cylinders give firefighters and other first responders critical situations a reliable source of air in a durable, lightweight package.

    You can trust Luxfer cylinders to keep you safe, in even the most extreme environment.

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  • Large Jet Plane Taxiing On The Runway

    Giving you more safe journeys

    Luxfer’s inflation and aerospace cylinders ensure the rapid and reliable deployment of emergency inflation equipment, saving lives and keeping people safe.

    From life rafts to airplane evacuation slides, we power survival and rescue across the world.

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  • Old couple enjoying life with one wearing an oxygen cannula

    Giving you more freedom

    Luxfer medical cylinders provide quality care across a range of applications. From healthcare institutions to home therapy, we put the patient first.

    We’re always innovating to design cylinders that improve lives and increase patient autonomy.

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  • Scientist examining factory emissions

    Giving you more accuracy

    Luxfer sampling cylinders enable scientists and technicians to collect and analyse gas with more precision and confidence.Safe, secure and corrosion-resistant, they deliver superior results every time.

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Luxfer Gas Cylinders


Alternative fuel

Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders are used globally in a variety of applications including city and school buses, refuse collection, freight transportation, shuttle services and more.


Luxfer's sampling cylinders are the ideal solution for a wide array of sample collection and analysis needs.

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