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Luxfer L6X cylinders
Luxfer L6X cylinders
Performance racing cylinders from Luxfer
Performance racing cylinders from Luxfer
Performance racing cylinders from Luxfer 2
Performance racing cylinders from Luxfer 2

L6X® aluminum performance racing cylinders

A superior aluminum alloy makes a superior performance racing cylinder

Luxfer aluminum cylinders are manufactured from L6X®, a proprietary formula of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 developed by Luxfer metallurgists to provide superior corrosion-resistance and dependable performance in the most demanding racing environments.

Categories: Performance racing

Compared to conventional alloys, L6X has been optimized to improve durability, fracture toughness and resistance to cracking and tearing, even under high pressures over long periods. More than 50 million Luxfer cylinders manufactured from L6X alloy have an exemplary record for safety, long service life and reliable performance.

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Technical specifications (Metric)

Part NumberService PressureN2 capacity 68% fillDimeter LengthWeightInternal volume Water WeightSpecificationThread Size
A1.2124.110.5981.3241.30.730.840.82DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B*
A1.5124.110.7381.3292.10.821.071.04DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A1.75124.110.8281.3317.50.911.181.18DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A218124.110.91111.8228.61.411.341.36DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A25H124.111.13111.8264.21.631.671.68DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A005124.112.27134.6360.72.813.363.36DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A010124.114.54175.3421.65.856.696.67DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A015124.116.80175.3589.37.7610.0310.02DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A020124.119.07203.2591.810.4313.3713.34DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A035124.1115.88203.2965.216.8723.4223.36DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A050124.1122.68218.41176.022.9533.4333.38DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B


Specifications subject to change.

Technical specifications (Imperial)

Part numberService pressureN₂ capacity 68% fillDiameterLengthWeightInternal volumeWater weightSpecificationThread size
A1.218001. / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B*
A1.518001. / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A1.7518001. / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A21818002. / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A25H18002.54.410.43.61023.7DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM0.750-16UNF-2B
A00518005.05.314.26.22057.4DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A010180010.06.916.612.940814.7DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A015180015.06.923.217.161222.1DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A020180020.08.023.323.081629.4DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A035180035. / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B
A050180050.08.646.350.6204073.6DOT-3AL / TC-3ALM1.125-12UNF-2B


Specifications subject to change.