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Industrial firefighter sets
Industrial firefighter sets
Ready when you need them
Ready when you need them


Ready when you need them

Lightweight, reliable Luxfer SCBA cylinders provide respiratory protection in industrial environments when hazardous situations occur. Suited for both fire and non-fire applications, Luxfer's industrial cylinders are ideal for environments where air is contaminated and oxygen levels are low.

Categories: SCBA and Life-Support

Luxfer LCX®-EL

Based on international design standards, Luxfer LCX-EL cylinders have the potential for service lives of up to 30 years (subject to regulatory review and approval). In environments where SCBA use is intermittent, LCX-EL cylinders provide fire service and industrial users the opportunity to use cylinders longer than the 15 years defined for standard carbon composite cylinders.

Features and benefits:

  • Potential cylinder service life of up to 30 yearsyears (subject to regulatory review and approval).
  • Though somewhat heavier than Luxfer's standard LCX® cylinders, EL cylinders still provide significant weight savings over comparable steel and aluminum cylinders.
  • Five-year requalification cycle.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Notes: All cylinders are certified to DOT-SP 14232.


In 1997, Luxfer introduced its LCX line of ultra-lightweight composite cylinders fully wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fiber. LCX composites are now the most widely used SCBA and life-support cylinders in North America. Available in a wide range of sizes, LCX cylinders are up to 70 percent lighter in weight than steel cylinders and up to 30 percent lighter than all-aluminum cylinders with the same gas capacity. All carbon-wrapped models have a five-year requalification cycle. LCX cylinders are approved to applicable U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) standards and are designed and manufactured to meet all NFPA, NIOSH and OEM requirements.

Notes: All cylinders have a 15-year service life. All cylinders are certified to DOT-SP 10195.

L6X® Aluminum

Luxfer's all-aluminum SCBA and life-support cylinders have been the industry workhorse in North America since the early 1970s. Since 1988, Luxfer has manufactured these cylinders from its own proprietary version of 6061-T6 alloy. Now marketed as L6X, this exclusive aluminum-magnesium-silicon formula was specifically designed by Luxfer metallurgists. More than 40 million L6X all-metal and composite cylinders in service around the world have an exemplary record for safety and dependability.

Features and benefits:

  • Up to 40 percent lighter in weight than comparable steel cylinders.
  • Luxfer aluminum SCBA cylinders are non-magnetic and extremely corrosion resistant.
  • Improved durability, fracture toughness and resistance to tearing and cracking.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Notes: All cylinders have non-limited service life as long as they pass required periodic testing. All cylinders are certified to DOT-3AL/TC-3ALM.

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Technical specifications (Metric)

DurationAir capacityService pressureDiameterLengthWeightWater volumeThreadsService lifeMaterialPart numberProduct family
3012743101404743.24.70.875-14UNF30Full wrap carbonL45ZEL
3012741531675193.28.50.750-16UNF15Full wrap carbonL45GLCX
3012743101384673.04.70.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL45MLCX
3012741531724883.18.40.750-16UNF15Full wrap carbonL45SLCX
3012741531715307.78.40.750-16UNF-2B, 1.125-12UNF-2BNLLAluminumL045L6X-AL
4518403101635254.56.80.875-14UNF30Full wrap carbonL65ZEL
4530002071725264.28.50.750-16UN15Full wrap carbonL62MLCX
4518403101595164.16.80.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL65GLCX
4518403101724574.26.80.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL65MLCX
6024623101785505.99.00.875-14UNF30Full wrap carbonL87ZEL
6024623101755505.39.00.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL87CLCX
6024623101755505.39.00.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL87GLCX
6024623101815315.39.00.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL87MLCX


Notes: Specifications subject to change.

Technical specifications (Imperial)

DurationAir capacityService pressureDiameterLengthWeightWater volumeThreadsService lifeMaterialPart numberProduct family
304545005.518.77.02850.875-14UNF30Full wrap carbonL45ZEL
304522166.620.57.15230.750-16UNF15Full wrap carbonL45GLCX
304545005.418.46.62850.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL45MLCX
304522166.819.26.95140.750-16UNF15Full wrap carbonL45SLCX
304522166.820.916.95170.750-16UNF-2B, 1.125-12UNF-2BNLLAluminumL045L6X-AL
456545006.420.79.84180.875-14UNF30Full wrap carbonL65ZEL
456030006.820.79.35210.750-16UN15Full wrap carbonL62MLCX
456545006.320.39.04180.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL65GLCX
456545006.818.09.34160.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL65MLCX
608745007.021.712.95500.875-14UNF30Full wrap carbonL87ZEL
608745006.921.711.65500.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL87CLCX
608745006.921.711.65500.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL87GLCX
608745007.120.911.75500.875-14UNF15Full wrap carbonL87MLCX


Notes: Specifications subject to change.