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Luxfer-GTM Technologies bulk gas transportation solutions

Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC (LGTM) is a joint venture between Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a world leader in composite and aluminum cylinder manufacturing, and GTM Technologies, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure composite gas transportation module systems.

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Luxfer-GTM Technologies, one of the first companies to offer Department of Transportation-certified composite cylinder-based gas transports in the USA and Asia, has become the leading manufacturer in this sector in just five years and one of the largest composite gas transport module manufacturers in the world. Luxfer-GTM gas-containment systems feature G-Stor Pro Type 3 cylinders that combine the advantages and integrity of aluminum liners and the strength of carbon fiber, far exceeding existing steel cylinder technology. With higher filling pressures and lighter weights, Type 3 cylinders allow customers to maximize payloads in a world of rising distribution costs.

Luxfer-GTM transports offer these advantages over traditional transports:

  • Rapid filling and discharging: Using a proprietary Luxfer high-Cv-flow valve and innovative piping system, Luxfer-GTM achieves flow rates in excess of 150,000 scf/hr, a critical factor to distributors seeking quick turnarounds on equipment.
  • Structural integrity: Luxfer-GTM modules are the strongest in the industry, designed to withstand specified loading on all three axes and far exceeding traditional steel tube trailers and ISO containers.
  • Reduced logistical costs: Higher fill capacities and lighter weights mean Luxfer-GTM modules provide more gas capacity than any other transport solution within standard weight road allowances—which means greater efficiencies and improved economics.
  • Higher fill capacities.
  • More than 60 percent lighter than steel.
  • Higher safety standards to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Longest warranties in the industry: 15 years on cylinders and five years on frames.

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