G-Stor® Alternative fuel cylinders

G-Stor® Alternative fuel cylinders

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Luxfer Gas Cylinders is a leading global supplier of lightweight, high-pressure composite cylinders for storage and transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG), a clean-burning, environmentally friendly alternative fuel (AF). Luxfer AF cylinders are also used for the storage of bio-methane, hydrogen and other industrial bulk gases.

Because Luxfer AF composite cylinders are 66% lighter than Type 1 steel cylinders, they offer greatly improved fuel economy, increased range and a significant reduction in vehicle maintenance costs because they lessen wear and tear on brakes, tires and suspension systems. In haulage businesses, reduced vehicle weight also permits higher payloads. Since lightweight composite cylinders can be manufactured in much larger diameters than would be practical with heavier all-metal cylinders, fewer composite cylinders are required to contain the same volume of CNG. More than four million full-wrapped Luxfer composite cylinders have an exemplary record of safety and dependable performance in a variety of demanding applications worldwide.



Luxfer operates state-of-the-art AF cylinder manufacturing facilities in Riverside, California, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada At each location, Luxfer manufactures its G-Stor Pro (Type-3) aluminum liners, including precisely controlled heat treatment, and wraps these liners with aerospace-grade carbon fiber wetted with high-strength epoxy resin.


Because our European customers often demand turn-key complete system solutions, Luxfer operates a cylinder winding and system design and assembly facility in Ratingen, Germany. We offer the lightest and most advanced fuel systems in the world. Our natural gas and hydrogen storage products are sold to major automotive, commercial and transit manufacturers. Luxfer Europe is also a leader in industrial gas and energy sectors in the bulk transport and storage of compressed gases, including supplying turnkey solutions.


At our state-of-the-art composite cylinder facility in Riverside, California USA, Luxfer manufactures our own AF liners and wraps our composite cylinders. The core of a Luxfer Type 3 cylinder is the aluminum liner, which forms an impermeable gas barrier that carries approximately 10% of the pressure load and (depending on design) transfers static and vibration into cylinder walls; the remainder of the pressure load is carried by high-performance carbon-fiber wrapping. The aluminum liner also provides threads into which a valve is fitted. Large-diameter aluminum liners for alternative fuel vehicles are typically manufactured from seamless aluminum tubes, while smaller-diameter liners are made from plate. In both cases, drawing and spinning are used to create required geometry. Liners then undergo heat treatment to optimize mechanical properties. Since heat treatment is an exacting process, Luxfer has made significant investments in a fully automated, in-house heat-treatment facility to ensure that temperatures, heating times and dwell times are precisely controlled.

On completion of heat treatment, liners are machined to create internal threads and outer neck configurations, and then quality inspected and passed on to a climate-controlled winding facility. A proprietary, optimized winding pattern, developed though a mixture of finite element analysis and winding modeling programs, is entered into a CNC winding machine, and the liner is automatically wound with carbon fiber wetted with epoxy resin. The cylinder is then removed from the winding machine and placed in a low-temperature curing oven. Finally, each cylinder is hydrostatically tested to working pressure, dried and thoroughly inspected. Two cylinders from each manufacturing lot undergo rigorous cycle and burst testing.

Custom designs

Please contact Luxfer if you need a new AF cylinder design. Please note that before a new cylinder design can be produced, it must first be approved by an independent agency or notified body to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards (e.g., NGV 2 for North America, ECE R110 for Europe and ISO 11439 for other areas of the world).

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